Went out for lunch the first time today. We went to Allie’s house and I didn’t bring food so I had pasta with her. It was pretty fun! OH SCHHHOOOL I just…


I love my boyfrann.

How he can find out what’s been wrong. And make it all better.

How he can work through things and not run away from problems (like I do). I need to be a better girlfriend. Be nicer and stuff.

Our 16 month anniversary is soon! Gonna go to the mall with him on Sat!!! :D

Old songs I like and new ones from Pandora

Love Like Winter - AFI

The Kill - 30 Seconds From Mars

Lunacy Fringe - The Used

Uprising - Muse

My Friend’s Over You - New Found Glory

Find A Way - The Used

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Time After Time - Downtown Singapore

Our Time Is Running Out - Muse

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Believe - The Bravery

Through Glass - Stone Sour

Summer Shudder - AFI

Time Is Running Out - Muse

Girl’s Not Grey - AFI

All The Things She Said - T.A.T.U

You Only Live Once - The Strokes

Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) - Freestylers Bellie Humble

Second Go - Lights

Seriously. He gets mad at me for telling my friends deets about MYSELF. It wasn’t even deets. All I did was ask for his age, and then told him my age when I started. I ask girls that too. I don’t like him in any way so I asked him cause it’s harmless. Gosh. I don’t appreciate being called up for being “stupid” and hearing things such as “how stupid can you get” and how I didn’t learn from jsa. I just won’t talk to him cause he’s pissing me off as well, if not, even more. Seriously annoyed. Anyway math time with parents.

Went out for ice cream with a friend. It’s nice to have friends. Got sun light and got to talk. Woohoo. I like to have events in my life. Need to find some activity after school or something seriously. Anyway gonna do homework now. UGH!

I think I’m bi-polar.

The Young and the Hopeless

Hold on, if you feel like letting go. Hold on, it gets better than you know.

lovelovelove GC.

There’s emptiness.
Missing the way things were.
Scared for the future.
That’s how I feel lately.
I feel so broken, and I can’t tell you why.

Plans For Tomorrow
  • Finish Cleaning Room
  • Watch Cyrano (figure out essay)
  • Other Homework
  • Work Out
  • Get William to go over online thing
  • Outfits
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